Somebody Sign Me

by Fizzy

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Wrote the whole thing in one night. This is a sample of Childish Gambino's "Freaks and Geeks" this is a version with no hyping on the verses


somebody sign me
don't do it blindly
rapping daily and nightly
you know where to find me
fortune and fame that is what excites me
Demolishing this shit
mother fucker I'm legit.

I'm so sick
everyone got a cough
gunna play with your box
like your name microsoft
give me a little bit
have a house with a loft
drinking single malt scotch
I'll be turning down courtney cox

You dont even know
how i got it like that
hit it with a bat
barry bonds at the welcome mat
everytime i swing
you know i'm going yard
everytime i have the mic
its no holds barred YES!

Beakers and sneakers
I have said it before
doing science
but we bought out
the whole store
all of the girls screaming
they want an encore
and this time we will bring
a torrential downpour

Here we go again
Fizzy on the mic
nerd crush on buffy
man you can call me spike

macking on the girl with an eReader
Tell her that she's in the presence
of a mother fuckin death eater

I'll teach you to dougie
you can call me skeeter
you can't touch my game
Kenny DeNunez bring the heater
sweeter is how i treat her
gaming all night tweet her
Pounding two liters
And I'll wont ever delete her

I gotta bring it
Like I never have before
breaking down your door
I need this money gimme more
This is only a taste
of what I have in store
Take you behind the curtain
because my raps hardcore
Thor fucking a minator
how many of those? i have four
but those are the shit that i deplore
But its so rare, you can't buy more
No other person
has had this skill before

One last verse
you know how it works
i drop these words
like sprinkles on deserts
it is so damn good
it will drive you beserk
second chance perk
thats what i run
with a troll smirk

Here we go
konami code
infinite ammo
whatchu know
let's get old
rock nintendo
gettin low
this is my flow
it is porno
superpro picaso
mona lisa vito
I'm in love with yo
Everyone saying that they want somg mo'
hard is how I go
with my funky flow
makin you hit the floo'
spitting fire get a water hose
curtains down
thats how i know
to end the show


released May 10, 2011
sample of Childish Gambino "Freaks and Geeks"
lyrics by Fizzy



all rights reserved



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