by Fizzy

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My brain
is on a whole new level
and my mouth
that mother fucker is a rebel
I want to get out of here
but my stomach never settles
my life
it makes me sick
And all I can do is panic
I think about What I haven't accomplished
I don't want to be dishonest
I was kicked out of college
wanna go back
Wanna finish what I started
Because there is nothing for me here
No job no money surrounded by my fears
Chased by my ghosts you can call me PacMan
And they always seem to have the upperhand
Pass me the fucking liquor
thats my only plan
Get drunk
So I can't feel
It's Only way I can fight
these demons that I can't kill
So I drink till I'm ill
Drowning all these feelings
hoping one day I can't feel them

Mama told me to be a simple man
But my life chose to follow a different path
Kind, well mannered, respect all women
But a lake of problems where I'm swimmin
I believe in karma but he hasn't called back
When he returns my call I'll be swimmin in stacks
Yeah, one day, I'll have that paper
I know what I am and my future can only be greater
Someday soon, I can say fuck y'all haters
but until then I'll stay locked in my room
writing about doom and gloom
getting on this mic so I can spew
But I don't do it for you
I do it so I can stay sane
When I write I just can't complain
because it is my therapy
Without it all these inner scars
you'd start to see
on my battered and bloodied body

Like I always say man,
gotta keep your head up
You just have to know
everything will get better


released August 6, 2011
Fizzy - Lyrics & vox



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